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Bone Island Children’s Clinic was set up in 2022, adopting a sailor/pirate theme to liven up the clinics and to make the doctors’ visits a little more exciting for our children.

Dealing with an injury or bone problem can be challenging and sometimes make one feel very lonely. We envision ourselves being in the same ship as you. The path ahead may be stormy and tumultuous, but we are there to help guide and steer you to safe shores. Together, we will embrace all that is to come with excitement at the adventures that await us!

Here is a little fun fact about our clinic name: Bone island is an actual medical diagnosis! It is usually found incidentally (by chance) after an X-ray, CT or MRI scan. It represents a focus of mature compact (cortical) bone within the more central cancellous bone and is completely benign (friendly and not dangerous to you)!

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